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Whether from near or far, all roads lead to Paderborn

The Arthotel ANA Fleur is located in downtown Paderborn, just a few minutes by taxi from the main train station. Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport can also be reached within half an hour by car.

Arrival by car

Coming from the A33 take the exit "Paderborn Zentrum". Now you are on the B64. Follow this road until the intersection "Frankfurter Weg" and get into the lane "Bahnhofstraße". Follow the "Bahnhofstraße" until the crossing "Westerntor". Here you get into the left lane, follow the "Innerer Ring" and pass the crossing "Neuhäuser Tor". At the next opportunity turn right, on your left you will see the indoor swimming pool "Schwimmoper" and on your right the "Paderhalle". You will now pass the Maspernparkplatz, where we recommend parking for the duration of your stay. About 100 meters further on you will see our Arthotel ANA Fleur Paderborn Hotel on the left hand side.

The hotel does not have its own car park. The nearest public car park, which is only 100 meters away, is the Paderhalle / Maspernparkplatz. Please note that payment of the fee is only possible with coins.

Parking fees
Parking fees:
Hourly rate: 1,20 Euro | 24-hour tariff: 7 Euro
Latest: März 2020

Arrival by train

At the exit of the train station, the bus stop for the Padesprinter city buses is on the right-hand side when you leave the station. Take bus number 5 towards Ingolstädter Weg for 4 stops and get off at the “Maspernplatz” stop. Walk back about 100 meters and you will see the Arthotel ANA Fleur Hotel in Paderborn.Approx. It is a 20-minute walk from the train station to the hotel. The route is 1.6 km.

Off to Paderborn

If you have to limit yourself to three things that you should have seen in Paderborn, then this includes the Pader spring area as well as the cathedral and the historic town hall.The Pader bubbles from over 200 sources in the middle of the city, making it one of Germany's shortest rivers. One of the city's landmarks, the famous “three-rabbit festival”, can be admired in one of the inner courtyards of the cathedral, which, incidentally, is only a few minutes' walk from your Hotel in Paderborn. The historic town hall, built in the Weser Renaissance style, shines in new splendor and attracts visitors from near and far.

The angel in front of the cathedral in Paderborn

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