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Arthotel ANA Goggl
Hubert von Herkomer Str. 19/20
D-86899 Landsberg

+49 (0) 8191 324 100

Guests A-Z

Departure time

11:00. Later departure time by arrangement with the reception

Arrival time

From 15:00 o'clock the room is at your disposal.

Complaints and suggestions

Please contact our friendly reception staff with complaints and suggestions of all kinds.

Letters and cards

Leave your mail at the reception desk. It will be brought to the post office the next day at the latest

Bicycle rental

The rental of the bicycles is free of charge. Keys and information are available at the reception.

Baggage Storage

You are welcome to leave your luggage in our luggage room at the reception.


There is a mini shop at the reception. Coffee is at your disposal free of charge.


To use our W-LAN in your room, please switch on the Smart TV. Network name and password can be found on the start screen.
The W-LAN connection remains active even if you switch the TV off again afterwards.


Our payable garage with 9 parking spaces is located in the Gogglgasse. You will receive the access code at the reception. The public Schlossberggarage is located behind the house.


Our reception desk is currently manned from 6.30 to 23.30 hours. If you arrive too late, please contact us by telephone.


Room to room: Dial the room number External calls: 0 + call number
Hotel phone number: +49 (0)8191 324 0

Transport connections

The nearest railway station (DB Regionalbahn) is 5 minutes away on foot.

Wake-up call

Please inform the reception desk of the day and the desired time for your wake-up call.


Roman steam bath in Hundertwasser style


You can deposit your valuables at the reception free of charge.


You will find daily newspapers in the lobby

Room key

Please do not forget to leave your room keys at the reception on departure. The guest is liable for any loss. Costs per key 70,00 €.

Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee that your hotel accommodation with us on the same day will not be cheaper anywhere else. We all compare prices for each booking, giving you the assurance that you are getting the best price when Arthotel ANA you book directly.

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