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Here you will gladly check in a bit longer: Your apartment Oberhausen

Completely new, completely different and something very special is our ANA Living Oberhausen. Behind it is a new contemporary hotel concept that skilfully blurs the boundaries between hotel life and home. And this in an extremely comfortable way. Thanks to its 65 comfortably furnished apartments with kitchenette and capsule machine, a spacious social kitchen for extended kitchen parties and many other amenities - from the laundry area to the Carrera racetrack in the lobby - ANA Living Oberhausen is quickly becoming a second home. Welcome to your personal retreat, welcome to your apartment in Oberhausen.

Sleep in our apartment in Oberhausen.

Temporary living in Oberhausen, an enjoyable stay

Whether for a few weeks or a few months: you will soon feel at home in your apartment in Oberhausen. Our apartments have many amenities that are especially important for a long-term stay. And this starts with the first coffee you make yourself in the morning in your apartment and ends with the laundry you can do in the laundry area of the house. A large social kitchen is just as much a part of the socialising concept as the inviting open lobby with bar. A snack shop, underground parking spaces in the building and a 24/7 reception round off the harmonious overall package at ANA Living Oberhausen.

Stay for more than one night in our apartment in Oberhausen

The social hub of our boardinghouse, our social kitchen facility

Cooking in company makes more fun than alone. The perfect setting for this is our modern and opulently equipped Social Kitchen. Hobby cooks or all those who prefer to eat delicious home-made food will have fun here. In our Social Kitchen will you of course find everything you need for a perfect kitchen battle: From high-quality Kitchen Aid household appliances and the oven to numerous pans, pots and plates. Here can you cook, feast and celebrate together, because the best parties end always in the kitchen.

Stay in an apartment in Oberhausen and cook in the Social Kitchen.
Feel at home in our apartment in Oberhausen.

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We also have the right apartment in Oberhausen for the employees and guests of your company.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

Your personal contact at ANA Living Oberhausen is Mr. Martin Gotschweski. Our expert for temporary living in Oberhausen.

With our beautiful exterior view, the apartment in Oberhausen can hardly be overlooked.

Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee that your hotel accommodation with us on the same day will not be cheaper anywhere else. We all compare prices for each booking, giving you the assurance that you are getting the best price when Arthotel ANA you book directly.

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