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Stuttgart -
The home of Arthotel ANA Neotel

The capital of the Swabian metropolis has it all. For Stuttgart has always been known not only for the charming dialect of its inhabitants, but also for delicious cuisine, fine wines - and of course a pronounced penchant for top-class mobility. Some of the most renowned automobile companies come from Stuttgart, as do various pioneers in the field of locomotion. Gottlob Auwärter, for example, the developer of the Neoplan buses, to whom a historically interesting museum was dedicated. It is not only available to the guests of the Arthotel ANA Neotel for visits, but also for conferences and private celebrations, which should become something very special

The interior design of Arthotel ANA Neotel

Fancy a little time travel? Then let's go to the Arthotel ANA Neotel. Here, retro fans can get their fill of stylish furniture and accessories with Sixites flair. The choice of colours has also been inspired by the design of this era, tastefully combining everything with the amenities of the 21st century. A house that is tailor-made for travellers: mobility is ensured not only by the good connections, but also by the original wall decoration, which is a reminiscence of the time when buses and cars were really popular in Germany. And because there should be no lack of comfort, there are wonderfully comfortable lounge corners in both the lobby and the rooms for working and relaxing. Enjoy trendy retro flair with all the advantages that a house of this class can offer.

Urban lifestyle for connoisseurs

Anything but High German? It's possible, but the Arthotel ANA Neotel not only offers a unique hotel experience, but also all the amenities that a house in a top location and with excellent connections to Stuttgart city centre can offer. For example, it is only a few minutes' walk to the underground station and a bus stops right nearby. Many restaurants can be reached from the Arthotel ANA Neotel within a short time, including houses with upscale German cuisine, but also numerous Italian and Greek restaurants. And you are guaranteed not to be bored in Stuttgart's city centre either: from casual strolls along the shopping miles to visits to numerous museums and sights, no wishes remain unfulfilled.

Experience & enjoy Stuttgart with all senses

"Stuttgart is the name that the Swabians gave to paradise on earth", wrote Ulrich von Hutten in 1519, and to this day the Swabians are proud of their little Eden between vineyards, many parks and secluded forests. Stuttgart describes itself to this day as a "big city between woods and vineyards" - and of course has even more to offer: Great museums, excellent restaurants, a lively cultural scene - and beautiful buildings, houses and architecture from the past. The Le Corbusier House is just one of the highlights that make the city a magnet for people from all over the world. And of course the major car manufacturers for whom Stuttgart is so famous.

The brand

Hello, I'm ANA

Hotel culture is art. And that is why each Arthotel ANA one stands for Atmosphere Needs Art. Because whether in Germany or in Austria - in each Arthotel ANA of them, demand and design meet feel-good ambience and comfort. At prices that are reasonable. In other words: I am a hotel as you have never experienced before. Because each Arthotel ANA one will become your home when you travel. The place where you relax and unwind. I look forward to seeing you.


Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee that your hotel accommodation with us on the same day will not be cheaper anywhere else. We all compare prices for each booking, giving you the assurance that you are getting the best price when Arthotel ANA you book directly.

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