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Arthotel ANA

One brand, two concepts

Arthotel ANA

Arthotel ANA and Arthotel ANA Living: Hotel culture in a new style.

ANA is different. Behind ANA is a new concept of hotel culture that combines stylish interior with top services and many extras. All Arthotels ANA, as well as all Arthotels ANA Living, build a bridge between the best of traditional hotel business, characterized by a high degree of service orientation, friendliness and comfort in every respect. In Arthotel ANA addition, both Arthotels ANA and Arthotel ANA Living offer an innovative bridge to all those amenities that one would be reluctant to do without - from quick check-in to free WLAN to modern smart TVs in the rooms, which also serve as entertainment centers.

But there is much more to discover. In commonalities as well as in distinguishing features, which are especially important for our guests.

Arthotel ANA

Home is where the heart is: We are very proud that we have succeeded in making the stay in our Arthotels ANA a real affair of the heart. Many of our guests become repeat offenders once they have enjoyed their stay in one of our hotels. This is not surprising, as each Arthotel ANA one is an attractive mix of top services with many free extras, an excellent breakfast buffet and an original, usually very trendy interior. Charming breaks in style - from neo-baroque to trendy retro styles. And so each Arthotel ANAone, not least because of its inviting ambience, becomes a place where you simply feel at home. Be it in the spacious rooms equipped with modern bathrooms, smart TV and free WLAN or in the chic public areas, which make each Arthotel ANA room something very special.

Arthotel ANA Living

Living like home. This thought was the central theme when it came to the conception of the Arthotels ANA Living. A hotel with all the comfort you are used to from home. From the appealing interior of the spacious rooms, the tastefully designed public areas as well as the cooking, shopping and laundry facilities in the house to cosy social meeting areas with living room character, where you can simply get together, enjoy a drink or even work. Inviting lounge areas are available for this purpose, as well as powerful and of course free WLAN throughout the house. The Arthotel ANA Living brand stands for boarding houses that are ideal for long-term stays, as well as for people who attach great importance to a beautiful and comfortable ambience at reasonable prices, even on short trips.


Germany and Austria

Locations | Arthotel ANA

Arthotels ANA can be found at numerous locations in Germany and Austria. And as different as these may be - from glamorous metropolises such as Munich or Vienna to conurbations such as Leipzig, Hanover or Augsburg - all Arthotels ANA have one thing in common: they are opening a new chapter in today's hotel industry. This is where hip design meets a feel-good ambience and a great deal of comfort - at prices that are certainly worth seeing in such locations.

Each Arthotel ANA one is a small world of its own - and yet mostly in the middle of the city's best locations. In almost all of them, the connection to the transport infrastructure is excellent, so that even guests who arrive without a car can get from one place to another quickly and without wasting time. Many ANAs also have - in addition to the proverbial sumptuous breakfast buffet, which leaves nothing to be desired - an affiliated restaurant and a mini-shop, so that you can even eat out without leaving the house.

Locations | Arthotel ANA Living

Our Arthotels ANA Living are the ideal locations when people plan a longer stay in a foreign city. Be it for private reasons, for example if a new apartment cannot be found immediately after a change of location, or if you are looking for a place to stay for more than a few days for professional reasons - such as an actor, commissioning engineer or exhibition stand builder - and don't want to miss the homely flair of home.

In other words: Arthotels ANA Living will be found mainly near business clusters, but also in city centres where there is an appropriate infrastructure. After all, if you are away from home for a long time, you need a place where you can enjoy your evenings almost as relaxed as at home. Be it cooking together in the Social Kitchen with new or old friends, or enjoying a cosy meal prepared in your own kitchenette in your hotel room and perhaps even in front of the TV.


Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee that your hotel accommodation with us on the same day will not be cheaper anywhere else. We all compare prices for each booking, giving you the assurance that you are getting the best price when Arthotel ANA you book directly.

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