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Arthotel ANA Victory, our Hotel Darmstadt Station

Attractive in any location: there is hardly a better place to stay in Darmstadt than in the Arthotel ANA Victory. Whether it's the State Theater, the Technical University or the lively European Quarter - almost all of the city's important locations can be reached quickly from our Darmstadt Hotel Bahnhof. There are several restaurants and inns close to the hotel, and the green heart of the city, the beautiful Herrngarten, is only 15 minutes away on foot. You can also walk to the main train station (max. A quarter of an hour). The A5 motorway, the Darmstadt junction, is also only 5 kilometers away from our Arthotel ANA Victory.


Arrival by car

Coming from the A3 from Aschaffenburg, take exit 59 onto the B26 towards Aschaffenburg/Goldbach-West. Continue on the B26 onto the A3 towards Frankfurt and at exit 54 Hanau take the B45 towards Dieburg. At exit B26/B45 continue in the direction of Erbach/Michelstadt/Darmstadt and soon you will arrive at Arthotel ANA Victory.

The hotel does not have its own parking spaces. Please park in one of the surrounding car parks.


Arrival by train

In less than 15 minutes you can walk from Darmstadt main station to our Hotel Darmstadt Bahnhof, the Arthotel ANA Victory. From the train station, cross the square of German Unity and continue straight on Mornewegstrasse to Steubenplatz. Keep right there and then turn directly into Bleichstrasse. It takes about 10 minutes by car or taxi.


Arrival by plane

The Arthotel ANA Victory and Frankfurt Airport are just 25 km and 20 minutes' drive away. Drive on the A5 to Rheinstraße and continue in Darmstadt on the B26. It continues via the Waldfriedhof, Dornheimer Weg and Bismarckstraße to Bleichstraße number 48, where the hotel is located. Alternatively, you can also board one of the trains to Frankfurt Central Station at Fernbahnhof Airport and then take a train to Darmstadt Central Station.

A 360 ° view of Darmstadt

If you are looking for the symbol of Darmstadt, you will quickly find what you are looking for: as if it were five fingers outstretched, the wedding tower stretches skyward east of the city center and lures with a magnificent panoramic view. It shows the way to Mathildenhöhe and is part of the ensemble that the famous Darmstadt artist colony once created. Around 1900, these colonies developed in the best urban locations in many parts of Germany, which countered the increasing industrialization of the time with attractive and homely designs. The result? Simply layered!

The Wedding Tower is located right next to our Hotel Darmstadt at the train station.

Darmstadt surprises

Where spirit, aesthetics and a lively scene live together in peaceful coexistence - Darmstadt can do everything! The city is a location for science, a cultural center, the second business metropolis of Hesse, and yet has largely retained its charm as a former residential town. If you love Art Nouveau, you're sure to find it in Darmstadt! The metropolis also has a lot to offer, from numerous events to wonderful wine festivals and interesting events from science and technology. The ideal starting point for this is the Arthotel ANA Victory, our Darmstadt Hotel.

The sights are very close to our Hotel Darmstadt at the train station.

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